My team creates powerful images and films for the brands that people rely upon to get work done. We are especially well-versed in the farm / ranch and outdoor industries.

No matter the environment, the weather, or the location, our dedication to getting the perfect frame is matched only by the amount of caffeine we drink to create it.

What to expect when working with my team

Besides the copious amounts of caffeine and beef jerky we bring with us on shoots, we’re also big on communication and real-time feedback. Our digital tech works with creative directors on site to view and edit images on a beautifully crisp 12.9” iPad Pro as the pictures are taken in real-time. Images can be flagged with a rough edit applied in real-time for your client to view on site or online to make sure you’re getting the exact images and B-roll you’re needing.

Since we flag images on set, turn around time is incredibly quick allowing us to meet even the most demanding of deadlines.


Why Us?

I (Scott) have over 15 years of experience photographing America’s hardest and most genuine workers. While my team shows up on set with all the gear we need (and then some) to get the job done, we also show up on set with something much more valuable, experience. I’ve spent my entire life within the agricultural industry, so we know some of the things others just don’t…like making sure the gate is always latched behind us, how to work with livestock like horses and bulls, and the little nuances of farm and ranch life that are required to make believable and powerful images that are effective as advertising campaigns.