Photographs of a Kansas Farmer

It's hard for me to put into words how important this project is to me. I've always loved writing, but I have also failed at accurately putting my words to a page. 

When I first set out to photograph America's farmers, I wanted to write about my experience with the hard-working life-blood of our country. But could my words ever really accurately depict their voice? How could I give America a glimpse into the lives of farmers and ranchers with my words? I couldn't. 

So I decided to start photographing farmers and ranchers and ask them to describe their experiences, struggles, and joys of living off the land and doing what they love. 

For the first installment in this documentary I would like you to meet Jim. He, like many, grew up farming and continues to love what he does. He's farmed through terrible droughts, rains of plenty, economic hardships, and abundant harvests. He has a passion for his land and for farming. It's been a tough year for a wheat farmer, but Jim is as passionate as any farmer you will meet. 

kansas wheat farmer
kansas wheat farmer photograph
Kansas Farmer Photographs
kansas farm photography